Install Adobe Flash – Player When You Cannot Download it

Another day solving computer and information technology problems. This time a customer could NOT download and install Adobe flash player. Here is their question:

Having trouble downloading flash player. Help instructions on the screen do not correspond to what I see. Just go ahead and get it on my machine if that is possible.

This individual had a computer with Windows 7 operating system installed. Also, they wanted Adobe flash player installed for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 web browser. When you tried to install Adobe flash player on this computer you would not receive the proverbial “Run” or “Save” options.

This customer had installed multiple browser toolbars which I do NOT think are productive. Many times web browser toolbars can conflict with tasks such as trying to download and install an extension, player, etc. I went ahead and reset their Internet Explorer settings back to default.

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This requires a Microsoft Windows restart. However, I decided to also manually install Adobe flash player. I downloaded Adobe flash player specifically for Internet Explorer and Windows 7.

You choose which operating system under “Select an operating system”. Then you want to choose a flash player for “Internet Explorer”. Finally, you click on “Download now”.

I then remotely connected to their computer and copied this Adobe flash player installer. This process took a few minutes ad the latest version of Adobe flash player was downloaded. Eventually, I was able to successfully install Adobe flash player for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.

However, I received a false positive error. The Adobe flash player installer claimed that this install failed. I went to “Control Panel” then selected “Programs and Features”.

Sure enough Adobe flash player was listed as one of the programs installed. I double verified by browsing to this Adobe web page that lets you verify what version of flash player you have installed. Click on “Check Now”.

This tool verified that indeed Adobe flash player had been successfully installed on this Windows 7 computer. The customer was able to successfully open up a web based training module that needed Adobe flash player.