Internet Net Neutrality – Repeal Planned by FCC

The Federal Communications Commission is planning on repealing the Internet net neutrality rules. I do NOT waste time in participating in politics. The Democrats and Republicans to me are the same.

Having said that the current Donald Trump administration is meeting with the Federal Communications Commission to over turn net neutrality. Internet Net Neutrality was first imposed in 2015. Basically, Internet net neutrality was designed to heavily regulate Internet service providers.

These rules blocked Internet service providers from throttling bandwidth, blocking applications or websites, and generally meddling with customers Internet access. These types of regulation would be removed and the Internet would be monitered similarly to before 2015. These Internet service providers like Comcast, Level 3, Verizon, etc. would have to report their actions.

For example instead of being barred from throttling Internet traffic, Internet service providers would have to report this Internet traffic throttling. The Federal Trade Commission would step in and regulate these Internet service providers instead. For the first 20 years of the Internet, basically, the Federal Trade Commission monitered the Internet.

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Under Internet Net Neutrality, the Internet was considered a public utility. Now, the Republican led Federal Communications Commission wants to repeal this decision. The current Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai is a Republican.

Three out of the five Federal Communications Commission members are Republicans. Like I stipulated earlier I do NOT participate in politics because to me it is rigged. However, it is interesting that now Internet Net Neutrality may be repealed after just two years.

Perhaps, you might want to read the proposed changes. The original Internet Net Neutrality regulations encompassed 400 pages. The five Federal Communications Commission commissioners will vote on December 14, 2017.

Even if they entirely repeal Internet Net Neutrality, future lawsuits could delay the repeal. The Internet Net Neutrality repeal to me would just revert back the way the government was regulating the Internet before. Also, these Internet service providers would supposedly become transparent with their decisions.

The current Internet as we know it was created by the United States military, more specifically the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.