iTunes Software Download For Windows – Version

iTunes software download for windows version is now available from Apple. I only use iTunes for data recovery or upgrading iOS updates as a paid for service with my computer repair business. You can also backup your iOS device using iTunes software download for windows.

You can restore your iOS device using Apple iTunes. Also, you can upgrade and install security updates using Apple iTunes. There are five major changes to Apple iTunes in version

* download previous iOS applications
* iTunes U content listed under podcasts
* internet radio listed in music library sidebar
* download previous ringtones
* microsoft windows books listed under iBooks

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iTunes software download for windows supports Microsoft Windows 7 or newer operating systems. Apple iTunes supports Apple Macintosh version 10.10.5 Yosemite or newer operating systems. iTunes software download for windows is compatible with x64 64 bit operating systems, but you must install the x64 64 bit installer.

iTunes is NOT ported to Linux operating systems. You can always download the most recent version of Apple iTunes from this static link. If you are using x64 64 bit hardware and operating system, I recommend that you download an x64 64 bit version of iTunes that is available via the static download link.