LG Industries – LG V30 Smartphone

LG industries also known as Lucky Goldstar has released their LG V30 smartphone. You can now purchase this device on three seperate carriers. The LG V30 is one of latest T Mobile phones, AT&T Business, and Verizon business. This is the world’s first 600 MHZ device.

This device will support Long Term Evolution gigabit speeds. This smartphone includes a six inch oled screen. When purchasing this device from T-Mobile you must also obtain a SIM starter kit.

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This latest T Mobile phones is priced at $800. You can make an $80 down payment, and then pay $30 per month for twenty four months from T-Mobile. You can actually edit and share audio and video from this device.

AT&T Business is charging $809 for the same smartphone. You can make $27 monthly payments instead of a one time payment. They list this phone as being available for shipping October 10 – 12 two thousand seventeen.

This smartphone comes with a front five megapixel camera and a rear facing thirteen megapixel camera. With AT&T Business this device includes Wi-Fi calling, high definition voice, video calling, advanced messaging, etc. This LG V30 comes with an octacore processor.

In other words this smartphone has eight cores. AT&T ships this phone with Google Android Nougat operating system. You get four gigabytes of random access memory, up to sixty four gigabytes of internal memory, and up to two terabytes microSD memory.

Verizon business lists this LG V30 for $840. Also, you can pay $35 per month instead of a one time payment. Verizon business is shipping this device with Google Android Nougat 7.1.2 operating system.

You might want to check out the three afore mentioned links to check out specifications from these three service providers. You may need to purchase an expandable MicroSD memory card. If you register your LG V30 smartphone you will get a two year limited warranty.