Metropcs Android Update – Version 2.17.1550.23

HTC Corporation released maintenance update 2.17.1550.23 on July eighteen two thousand seventeen. This update is specifically for an HTC Desire 626s on Metro PCS network. I actually have one of these androids.

Also, I do not have service with Metro PCS and was still able to download and install this update via WiFi. This is a maintenace update that is supposed to fix some bugs and includes a June 2017 android security update. I was not able to find out how many and what specific bugs.

You should make sure that your device is connected via a wall charger. Also, HTC corporation recommends your battery is at least thirty five percent charged. They claim it can take at least twenty minutes for this update to complete.

Your HTC Desire 626s may reboot multiple times during this upgrade. Also, if your on a metered connection you may want to connect to the Internet via WiFi as this upgrade is 1.37 gigabytes in size. You can basically upgrade your device three different ways.

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In my case I was notified of a software update. I downloaded that update and then installed that update. If you are not notified you can manually check to see if this update is available.

Go to “Settings” then select “About”. Choose “Software Updates” and you will either be prompted with an update to install or a message will state that your device is up to date. You want to look for 2.17.1550.23 update.

If you click on “Software information” in “About” screen you will see your current software number. Obviously, if it is 2.17.1550.23 you do not need to reinstall. If it is older then you want to install a newer update.

Another way to install this update manually is to download this update with HTC Sync Manager. This download is over one gigabytes size. Also, you will end up deleting all information from your HTC 626s.

Here are the manual system update instructions for your HTC Desire 626s.