Microsoft App Store – Microsoft Opens PC, Phone, Tablet Apps Store

Microsoft today opened their universal applications store for Windows PC’s, Phones, and Tablets. Any one of these devices running Windows 8.1 or later will be able to access apps. For now there are separate sections for Windows and Windows Phone.

On a homepage there is a list of top free Windows applications and top paid Windows applications. Both of these lists have a “Show all” link. On a PC or Tablet you click on “Explore more apps” under a Windows apps.

On a Windows phone you simply click on “Explore more apps” under Windows Phone apps. Once you pick a main section, then Windows applications are sorted by Top free, Top paid, Best rated, and Categories. Each of these have a “Show all” link.

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Each application has a description, Features, Additional Information, Version Notes, and Ratings and Reviews sections. You must sign in with your Microsoft account in order to obtain any applications., OneDrive, Office, Skype, Xbox Live, Bing, MSN, and Stores login accounts are Microsoft accounts you can use with Microsoft’s universal apps store.

Microsoft opened this universal applications store in lieu of their release of Windows ten operating system later this month. You can test out Microsoft’s app store now with your Windows PC, Phone, Xbox, and Tablet.