Microsoft Lumia – 550 650 950 950 XL Sold With Microsoft Window 10

I recently received a viewer question from my Anet Computers YouTube channel pertaining to what I think about Microsoft’s Lumia running Windows ten operating system. I don’t give out purchasing advice. However, I decided to write a post about current Microsoft Lumia phones with Windows 10.

Microsoft Lumia 550, Microsoft Lumia 650, Microsoft Lumia 950, or Microsoft Lumia 950 XL all are sold with Windows 10 installed. Microsoft Office applications come with these devices. You may need an office 365 subscription for some applications to work.

A Microsoft account might be necessary for some of these office applications. Cortana comes built into Windows 10 mobile. You can configure Cortana reminders on a PC running Windows 10 that will show up on your Microsoft Lumia running Windows 10.

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You can download free applications from the Windows Store on your Microsoft Lumia 550, 650, 950, or 950 XL device. Depending on your wireless carrier, Windows 10 will become automatically updated. Lumia 950 and 950 XL feature USB-C fast charging.

Microsoft claims these devices will charge half of your battery in half an hour. These two Lumia smartphones have a battery saver feature. These devices are plagued with similar bugs and issues that PC’s running Windows 10 face.

Lumia 550 and 650 have quad core processors with four cores. Lumia 950 have hexa core processors with six cores. Lumia 950 XL have octa core processors with eight cores.

The Lumia 550 includes eight gigabytes of integrated disk memory. Lumia 650 includes sixteen gigabytes disk memory. Lumia 950 and 950 XL include thirty two gigabytes disk space memroy.

Random access memory ranges from one gigabyte to three gigabytes with these Lumia devices. All four devices include a Micro SD card slot, supporting up to two hundred fifty six gigabytes storage. Lumia 550 includes a five megapixel camera.

Lumia 650 includes an eight megapixel camera. Both Lumia 950 and 950 XL include twenty megapixel cameras.