Microsoft Officially Retires Zune Music Service

Over this past weekend, more specifically succinctly November fifteen two thousand fifteen, Microsoft Corporation officially retired their Zune Music service. As of this date you will not be able to stream or download music from this music service to your Zune device. You will still be able to use your Zune device as a music player and any remaining music files that you own a copyright to will remain.

Also, an ability to transfer to and from your Zune device will remain functional. Purchased digital rights management music that does not have a renewed license may not play. Your existing Zune Music Pass subscription will automatically be converted to a Groove Music Pass subscription.

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Zune Music Pass subscriptions were to convert between October fifteen two thousand fifteen to November fifteen two thousand fifteen. Groove Music Pass subscriptions cost anywhere from $9.99 per month to $99.90 per year. If your account is terminated during these migrations on three month and yearly subscriptions, you may become eligible for a refund.

You can check out a Microsoft Zune retirement frequently asked questions page. If you are interested in Microsoft Groove Music service subscription, you can try it out first with a free thirty day trial. Finally, you can obtain Microsoft Groove online support, if necessary.