Microsoft – Promises More Data Privacy Controls With Windows 10

Microsoft Corporation on January ten two thousand seventeen has decided to launch two new tools to allegedly give end users access to privacy concerns with Windows 10 operating system. This company is launching a web based privacy dashboard. You must sign in with a Microsoft account in order to gain access.

You are able to view and control your data for browsing, location, search, Cortana Notebook access. Once logged in with your Microsoft account you can click on “Privacy” from a top menu or browse to You can clear or view your browsing history.

You can clear or view search history. You can clear and view location activity. You can edit Cortana data.

You can edit Microsoft health data. Also, included within this privacy dashboard are:

* Manage applications and services that are allowed data access.
* Turn personalized advertising on or off.
* Manage your Microsoft account promotional communications.

Microsoft claims they will make major changes to Windows 10 privacy with their Creators Update. This will replace what was known as Express Settings. If you are performing a fresh install of Windows 10, then you will need to choose between privacy settings before that install will proceed.

If you are currently using Windows 10, you will be prompted to choose your privacy settings after a future update. Microsoft has changed their diagnostic data collection from three levels to two. After installing their creators update you will be able to choose from basic or full data collection.

Microsoft claims they only use this data, so that they can continue to maintain and improve their operating system. They will be integrating a basic error reporting, that phones back into Microsoft servers. You will be able to turn off following privacy settings.

* Location
* Speech Recognition
* Tailored diagnostic data experiences
* Relevant ads

You can choose between full or basic for:

* Diagnostics