Microsoft Security Updates – For Windows 10 Version KB4043961

Microsoft Corporation released cumulative update KB4043961 on October seventeen two thousand seventeen. This update includes three improvements to Windows 10. This update does NOT include any new features.

* removed applications reappeared after logoff, login, and restart
* broken Joint Engine Technology database error output
* additional security updates

There is one known issue with this update. Microsoft is working on a solution for this problem. After installing this KB4043961 update, Universal Windows Platform applications using javascript or asm.js might quit working.

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You can uninstall that application and reinstall as a potential fix. If you have been keeping up to date with Microsoft Windows 10 security updates then this will become only update available for install. However, if you have gotten behind or skipped some updates, those updates will also be installed.

You can obtain this update via Microsoft Windows update or Microsoft Update Catalog website. This update applies to Windows 10 version 1709. This update does NOT replace any previous update.