Microsoft Security Updates – Windows 10 Feature Update 1803

Microsoft Corporation released a major feature update version 1803 in April of two thousand seventeen. This update includes major new features. This update is known as the Windows 10 April 2018 update.

* windows autopilot deployment
* windows 10 security mode
* windows 10 kiosk
* kiosk web browser
* subscription activation
* additional deployment image servicing and management commands
* customize windows setup deployment
* new setupdiag command line troubleshoot failed windows 10 updates
* more controls windows update for business
* operating system uninstall
* microsoft edge web browser android and ios versions available

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This update took an hour and a half to complete on my quad core computer with eight gigabytes of random access memory. This update is also referred to as the Spring 2018 Windows 10 update. Five total reboots took place before I saw the proverbial Microsoft login prompt.

If you have been keeping up to date with Microsoft Windows 10 security updates then this will become the only update available for install. However, if you have gotten behind or skipped some updates, those updates will also be installed, before this major new features update.

You can obtain this update via Microsoft Windows update or windows 10 media creation tool web page. This Microsoft update applies to Windows 10 and Windows 10 version 1709 operating system. This update does NOT replace any previous update.

Your Windows 10 operating system build number will now be 17134.1 after installing this update.