Most Recent MAC OS – High Sierra 10.13 Available

Apple Incorporated has released their newest operating system. This time MACintosh operating system 10.13 will not get a new name. This latest operating system from Apple is called High Sierra.

This operating system is 4.8 gigabytes in size. You will need to have MACintosh operating system 10.7.5 or later in order to upgrade. This most recent MAC OS includes Apple File System.

Apple File System supports flash technology and x64 bit architecture. High Efficiency Video Encoding is included in MAC OS 10.13. This compresses video up to forty percent more than H.264.

This operating system includes Metal two. Developers wil be able to program virtual reality for the first time on a MACintosh operating system. There are some new features in the Photos application.

Apple Safari 11 web browser has some new features as well. By default auto play videos will not load. However, you can allow specific website(s) to auto play in settings.

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You can upgrade most MACintosh’s built in two thousand nine or later. You are recommended to back up your data before you upgrade to 10.13. This operating system upgrade is entirely free.

Your MAC will need 14.3 gigabytes of available storage to upgrade. You may need to remove some files if you get any disk space error message(s). You will need an Apple ID to upgrade from within your existing MAC operating system.

In Apple’s official most recent MAC OS information about this operating system upgrade they claim that you need Apple MAC OS Lion 10.7.5 or newer. However, they also stipulate that you need OS 10.8 to perform this upgrade. Not sure why this discrepancy exists.

Also, you can download this upgrade from their Apple Store page for High Sierra. The following Apple MAC’s are compatible with High Sierra 10.13:

* MacBook manufactured late 2009 or later
* MacBook Pro manufactured mid 2010 or later
* MacBook Air manufactured late 2010 or later
* Mac mini manufactured mid 2010 or later
* iMac manufactured late 2009 or later
* Mac Pro manufactured mid 2010 or later