Mozilla – FireFox 50.0.2 Released to Fix Security Vulnerability on November thirty two thousand sixteen officially released Mozilla web browser version 50.0.2. This latest version includes one security vulnerability. This security vulnerability is listed as critical.

* CVE-2016-9078: Firefox Scalable Vector Graphics Animation Remote Code Execution

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A vulnerability with Scalable Vector Graphics images was discovered. This issue only affects Mozilla Firefox web browser and The Onion Router browser. You can install Mozilla FireFox 50.0.2 manually by selecting “Help” then select “About Firefox”. In about Mozilla Firefox you will either see that your web browser is up to date or click on an “Update to 50.0.2” button. You can download and install Mozilla FireFox version 50.0.2.

Another way to upgrade Mozilla FireFox is with automatic updates.

Click on “Tools” then select “Options”. Click on “Advanced” tab. Select an “Update” tab. In update you have three options:

* Automatically install updates
* Check for updates
* Never check for updates