Mytopia – Fix Your Mytopia Games Problem With Flash Player 10

You have Internet explorer 8, flash player 10.1, and running Windows Vista. A few weeks ago Mytopia games application suddenly disappeared from most peoples screen. Some people are receiving it and others had it briefly.

Could it be a problem with your browser Internet explorer, or flash player? Even some people on Windows 7 are experiencing same problems. You are on your PC and installed Google chrome.

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Unfortunately, it seems to be some kind of problem on Mytopia’s end. Looks like users on different web sites are receiving a same error message. It might be a problem with Mytopia’s games and a new Adobe flash player 10 version, but I really don’t know.

You can try to download and install Adobe flash player 9 from an Adobe archived flash player versions page. Click on a “Flash Player 9” link. Make sure to completely remove Adobe flash player 10 first before installing an older flash player 9 version.