New Microsoft Browser – Edge Available on Android and iOS

The new Microsoft browser named Edge is now available on Google Android and Apple iOS devices. You will be able to download Microsoft Edge web browser for Apple iOS from the Apple Store. Also, you will be able to download Microsoft Edge web browser for Google Android from the Play Store.

Microsoft is not charging a dime for their Edge web browser mobile application. Your Internet favorites and passwords will sync across devices. You can even look at the same page on your dumb device, I mean smart device on your personal computer.

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If you save a password to a website on your smart device than with roaming passwords, that password will be saved on your desktop or laptop computer version of Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge web browser is only available in select markets and languages. Microsoft claims they will be rolling out more languages and markets in the future.

* united states english language
* china simplified chinese language
* france french language
* india english language
* united kingdom english language