Nintendo Switch – Availability & How You Can Pre-Order Console

Nintendo of America officially launched their release of their newest gaming console. The Nintendo Switch. This gaming console won’t become available officially until March third two thousand seventeen. However, you will be able to pre order this console at select retailers before March.

This gaming console retails at $299.99. This gaming system will include:

* Main console
* Right Joy-Con controller
* Left Joy-con controller
* Joy-Con grip
* Joy-Con wrist straps
* Nintendo Switch dock
* HDMI cable
* AC power adapter

Two aesthetic systems will be released. One with grey controllers. Another one with separate blue and red controllers.

Not only does this gaming system connect to a television via HDMI, but it has a built in 6.2 inch screen which allows you to virtually play anywhere, with a power source of course. A battery can last up to six hours depending on what game is being played. You charge a built in battery by plugging in your AC adapter into a USB C type connector when not using this console.

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Both controllers can be combined into one with the Joy-Con grip. You can pre order this Nintendo Switch gaming console at,,,, and You will be able to preview Nintendo Switch gaming system at select cities: New York, Toronto, Washington D.C., Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Boston, and Austin.

Up to eight of these consoles can be connected locally via wireless for game play. This system supports online multiplayer gaming. You will receive a free trial to Nintendo’s new online subscription service.

This service will become available as a paid service in fall of two thousand seventeen. Activision, Electronic Arts, Take Two, Ubisoft, Warner Brothers, Bethesda Works, Interactive Entertainment, and other gaming developers will provide games.