Nintendo Switch Latest News – For Video Capturing & Data Transfer

Nintendo of America Incorporated announced Nintendo Switch latest news pertaining to their release of version 4.0.0 system update. This latest update brings some significant new features. Nintendo Swith users will now be able to capture video on select games.

* legend of zelda
* breath of the wild
* mario kart 8 deluxe
* arms
* splatoon two

Nintendo claims that more games will be compatible with video capture feature in the near future. For now you can only record thirty seconds of video and save it to your album. To record video you hold down a capture button during gameplay.

You can edit beginning and ending of these short video clips and share them to FaceBook and Twitter. So far only five games are compatible with this video capture feature, that I named earlier in this blog post. This version 4.0.0 system update includes new profile icons.

You will be able to select from up to twelve icons from both Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild games. To change your profile icon you choose “My Page” from home menu “Profile” link. With this system update 4.0.0 you can now transfer your user data and even save game data to another Nintendo Switch.

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You select “System Settings” from a home menu. Select “Users” and then choose “Transfer Your User and Save Data“. Both consoles must have system update 4.0.0 installed.

Finally, with this major system update you will be able to pre-purchase games in the future. This will allow you to purchase games using Nintendo eShop that will allow you access to quicker play. I was not able to find out what games in the feature will be available for pre-purchase.

This update also included some stability improvements to wireless on this Nintendo Switch game console. In order to receive this system update 4.0.0 you need to be connected to the Internet. Your console will then automatically download this update.

Your advised to save any game play before installing this update. Once this system update 4.0.0 is finished downloading you will be prompted to install this update. Then you just click on “Update” to begin this system update installation.

Your Nintendo Switch will restart to install this system update 4.0.0.