Nintendo Switch Latest News – of Online Gaming Coming in 2018

Nintendo of America, Incorporated, has delayed their Nintendo Switch online subscription. Originally this gaming subscription was scheduled for release later this year. However, Nintendo is delaying this until sometime in two thousand eighteen.

This will be a paid for multiplayer gaming service. Also, a smart phone application that allows you to control your Nintendo Switch will be included. This service will be currently free until a paid for version is rolled out sometime in two thousand eighteen.

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This is an exclusive gaming service for the Nintendo Switch game console. Nintedo claims that most games will require a paid subscription. A free limited version of the Nintendo Switch smart phone application is scheduled for release this summer.

You will be able to invite friends, schedule appointments, and chat with your friends, from your smartphone with compatible games. A select number of classic Nintendo games will become available for download. There are three subscription prices for Nintendo Switch Online service.

* One Month Membership $3.99
* Three Month Membership $7.99
* Twelve Month Membership $19.99

You will need to create a Nintendo account in order to gain access to Nintendo Switch online.