Nvidia GPU Drivers – No Longer Support 32 Bit X86 Hardware

Nvidia GPU drivers will no longer be developed to support 32 bit x86 hardware. Nvidia Corporation made this announcement on December twenty first two thousand seventeen. Nvidia GPU drivers version 390 will be the last drivers to support x86 32 bit hardware.

This includes the following operating systems.

* microsoft windows 7
* microsoft windows 8
* microsoft windows 8.1
* microsoft windows 10
* linux distributions
* berkeley software disribution

All future Nvidia GPU drivers will not support any x86 32 bit hardware or operating systems. You will not be able to install future Nvidia graphics processing unit drivers on x86 32 bit computers with 32 bit operating systems. You will be able to install older versions up to and including version 390 on 32 bit architecture.

However, future bugs, security issues, and improvements will no longer be developed for 32 bit architecture. Most if not all new laptop and desktops are manufactured with x64 64 bit hardware. This might be a problem if you have an older laptop or desktop computer.

It has been since around 2006 that Intel quit developing new 32 bit processors. Advanced Micro Devices I believe quit developing new 32 bit processors around 2004.