Open Broadcaster Software – OBS Studio Version 20.0 Released

Developers over at Open Broadcaster Software have released OBS Studio version 20.0. This is a major release with two bug fixes, some updates, and new features. There are some new options under a “View” menu.

You can unlock these features by clicking “View” and then select “Docks”. You want to uncheck “Lock UI”. Now you will be able to access new features.

All User Interfaces that can be adjusted have undock and close icons. This allows you to customize your OBS Studio user interface. You can move sections of OBS Studio around.

Clicking an undock icon which is next to an x, will undock this portion of OBS Studio. This will make that specific section seperate from rest of the user interface. Thankfully, you can reset your user interface by clicking on “View” then select “Docks”.

Then you select “Reset UI”. This will reset all changes you made. You can drag and drop any windows in and out of the main user interface.

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To hide window objects, just click an “X”. You can always readd them by going to “View” then “Docks” then selecting which one(s) you want. Now in order to lock your changes, you go back into “View” then “Docks” and select “Lock UI”.

OBS Studio version 20.0 comes with a new theme called “Rachni”. Click on “Settings” then under “General” tab look for “Theme”. You can choose between Dark, Default, and Rachni.

Filters and Sources come with a “Default” button. Hence the term, this will reset any changes back to default settings. All sources have a lock button.

Select a source and click on a lock icon. By default all my sources were NOT locked after upgrading to OBS Studio version 20.0. This version comes with preview scaling.

Also, the mixer now includes a clipping warning by turning red when your audio begins to distort. Stinger transitions and Microsoft’s Faster Than Light streaming are now supported. Two major bugs were fixed:

* window size settings
* graphical processing unit not supported crashes

You can update your OBS studio with built in automatic updates. You will be prompted that a new version of OBS Studio is available. Also, you can manually check for updates by going to “Help” then select “Check For Updates”.