Open Source Broadcaster – OBS Studio 20.1 Released

Open source broadcaster software maker Open Broadcaster Software have released version OBS Studio 20.1. I use exclusively Open Broadcaster Software’s OBS studio for my Youtube live streams and videos. I successfully installed this update without any issues.

OBS Studio now has an automatic update service. You will get prompted whenever there is a software update. You are given three choices.

* update now
* remind me later
* skip version

In order to update your OBS Studio software, click on “Update Now”. This software will check for and download an available update. Eventually, you will see that this process has completed.

You will now be given an option to open Open Broadcaster Software OBS Studio. I have tried selecting the “Remind me Later” option. However, it does not seem to remind me.

I am not sure how long this software waits until you are reminded to install any updates. You can always choose “Help” from the main menu. Now select “Check For Updates”. This version of OBS Studio includes six bug fixes and the following changes.

* audio mixer hide/show items
* advanced output mode replay buffer
* monitor stingers audio
* change stingers audio fade mode
* vlc source playback hotkeys
play, pause, restart, stop, next, previous
* linux pulseaudio monitoring
* updated x264 and ffmpeg
* mixer context menu
* milliseconds out of sync
* window dimensions not restoring
* freeze stopping stream during reconnect
* linux program startup crash
* vlc source shuffle problem
* connection time out crash
* decklink device driver
* mac vsync preview disabled

You can always download and install the latest version of Open Broadcaster Software OBS Studio. You can download a full version installer, zip file, and from torrent.