Why Won t my Chromebook Turn on – Troubleshooting Steps

I had a customer with an Acer Chromebook that would not power on. Here was there question:

"I have an Acer Chromebook 14 that will not turn on. No lights no noise. Just that it was new as of December."

I received a positive rating from this customer from my answer. This means I received compensation for this answer and that my customer found this information productive. Please disconnect the power cable from both the wall outlet and Chromebook.

Then press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Plug the power cable back into the wall outlet and Chromebook. Now press the power button and see if it will turn on.

You can try this instead. Hold down the "Refresh" key and then press the "Power" button. It may power on.
The Refresh key looks like a half circle with arrow.

You could take out the battery, but I think it is probably under the bottom cover. You could try powering it on without a battery. However, if that Acer Chromebook is still under warranty, I would not recommend taking it apart, as that could void the warranty.

Another possible reason why won t my chromebook turn on is faulty memory. Again if your Acer Chromebook or any other brand Chromebook is still under warranty, I would advise against trying to service it yourself, because of the fact you could void your warranty. Take off the bottom cover and look for one or two possible random access memory modules.

Take them both out and see if your Acer Chromebook will now power on. If it successfully powers on than that means you just needed to reseat the memory, have faulty memory, or faulty memory slot(s). Try powering on that Chromebook with just one memory module at a time.

Also, try powering it on, by testing each different memory slot. You want to try to use the process of elimination.
If under warranty and you think it is a hardware failure you could contact Acer or the place you purchased it, to get it looked at.

These tips were written for an Acer Chromebook 14. However, you could certainly use them as a basis to troubleshoot other brands of Chromebooks.

How to Install Updates on Windows 10 – When They Are Failing

I successfully helped another customer with their Windows 10 updates. Windows 10 updates in my opinion have been nothing short of a disaster since their inception. This is just one possible way to install Windows 10 updates if they fail to install.

Here is my customers question:

I have been having problems updating my windows 10 version 1511 forever. The updates hang up every time that it tries to install the updates. I had Microsoft try to solve this problem several months ago but it was never fixed and windows keeps trying to update almost every day.

Which is very frustrating. I had Reimage work on the computer and...they could not update it either. I need help.

All I want is to have the computer upgraded with out hanging up and reinstalling the old version.

This individual has an Acer Aspire M3970 desktop with Windows 10. Microsoft had worked on this computer for several hours but it did not solve this issue of getting windows 10 upgraded to the current version. Reimage worked on this computer for 2 hours to no avail.

My customer gave me a positive rating which just means that I get compensated for my time. Also, obviously the following instructions helped them solve their problem. Now I am going to describe to you a possible way to successfully upgrade your stubborn Windows 10 computer.

Please download the Windows 10 installation media creation tool. You do NOT need to create a USB or DVD disc.

You will download Windows 10 updates using this tool and then once it finishes downloading, that tool should begin to upgrade Windows 10.

Click on that download link and then select "Run". Select "Accept" on the license terms page. Select "Upgrade this PC Now" on the "What do you want to do?" page.

Then you click "Next". This download can take awhile depending on your Internet connection speed. This is a possible potential tip.

I have had far greater success using this tool to try to fix Windows 10 update issues for my customers. Also, this procedure may not always work depending on the overall status of your computer. This procedure is easy enough that most endusers can at least give this a try.

Computer Won t Connect to Internet – Troubleshooting Tips

I received another question on a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. Here is the original question:

"I have been having problems connecting to the internet for the last couple of days. Yesterday morning it worked. Yesterday evening it did not.

Again this morning it worked, but this evening most of the time it did not. A couple of times it kicked in on one computer but not on another. On the computer that did gain connectivity I could only access some sites.

I again called the provider and they tried re-setting the modem. Now one of the computers has connectivity but the other computer does not. Any idea why the other computer is not able to connect?"

The following is my response. Remember my customer did submit a positive review. What that means is that I helped solve their problem and received compensation for my time.

The following tips may or may not help you solve your own computer won t connect to Internet problem. If you have multiple devices, then you might want to power cycle all of them. For example if you have a broadband modem, wireless router, switch, and a couple of computers you would want to power cycle all those devices.

I would first power cycle the broadband modem router. Then wait like 10 minutes. Now power cycle any other switch, wireless router, etc. that is hooked up to your Internet modem and wait another 10 minutes.

Then I would reboot any computers that you have. Another thing you could look for is loose ethernet cables. Make sure all ethernet cables are tight and none are loose.

Also, you could try flushing the DNS cache on your computers. In windows you open up a command prompt with administrative rights and enter this command:

ipconfig /flushdns

If none of these tips help, you could hook up one computer directly to your broadband modem and see if your Internet connection drops or is slow. You want to bypass any networking device(s) that might be failing or causing problems. You want to try to isolate whether or not the problem is with your Internet service provider, Internet modem, switch, wireless router, or computer, etc.

Google Chrome Support – Release Version 65.0.3325.146

Google on March seven two thousand eighteen, officially released Chrome web browser version 65.0.3325.146. This latest version of google chrome includes forty five security fixes. This latest version of Google Chrome affects Google Chrome web browser on Linux, MAC, and Microsoft Windows platforms.

Nine were categorized High, fifteen categorized Medium, and just three categorized low. There were quite a few buffer over flow situations fixed. There was even a uniform resource locator spoof fixed.

The Google Chrome support team claim that they will keep information restricted pertaining to bug fixes until enough of their users have been updated. Also, they claim they reserve the right to keep bug(s) information restricted if that bug(s) has not been fixed yet. In a response to a comment on this blog post, I found out that Google Chrome support team keeps information about bugs a secret for fourteen weeks after a bug is marked "fixed".

"Hi David, that just means all the bugs are currently restricted. By default they are opened up 14 weeks after the bug has been marked as fixed."

Andrew Whalley

Note: Access to bug details and links may be kept restricted until a majority of users are updated with a fix. We will also retain restrictions if the bug exists in a third party library that other projects similarly depend on, but haven’t yet fixed.

This information is new to me. Perhaps they released this statement after they did NOT release any information about a more recent Google Chrome update? Who kows, I do NOT know.

By default Chrome is supposed to automatically update. You can install Google Chrome version 65.0.3325.146 manually by selecting "Help" then select "About Google Chrome". In about Google Chrome, if an update is available, that update will begin downloading.

You will need to relaunch Chrome for that update to install. You can download instead and install Google Chrome version 65.0.3325.146. chrome://settings has a new look.

Skype App For Windows – Version Released

The Microsoft Skype app for Windows version has been released. For the second Skype update in a row, there are no documented changes for this version of Skype, as of this blog post creation. This version was released on March six two thousand eighteen.

However, I could not find out any details from an official Skype support page listing their version releases. I was NOT able to upgrade Skype by checking for updates, as Skype version has disabled a manual "Check for updates" feature. I have read out on the Internet, that beginning with Skype version there are automatic updates that you cannot disable.

However, when I opened Skype today, I was NOT prompted to install the newest version of Skype Also, I was NOT able to manually install this update by downloading version

I kept getting this message:

"Please install Skype from the Microsoft Store for the best expierence"

Why the fuck is Microsoft blocking the ability to install this software standalone? Why even bother allowing people to download the latest version of Microsoft Skyp3 if they then disable the installer? In my opinion Microsoft is trying to force endusers to use the Windows Store version of Skype.

There is a huge difference to me between the Windows Store version and the standalone version. I do NOT like any applications from the Windows Store quite frankly. I was able to install Skype by setting compatibility mode to Windows 8 before running the installer.

I do NOT use Microsoft Skype that often. However, this still irritates me the hoops you have to go through to just upgrade Microsoft software. Microsoft Skype is a free audio, chat, and video application that allows you to communicate with friends, family, business associates, etc. over the Internet.

Skype app for windows has a built in automatic updates, that will download and upgrade Skype, if an update is available. Microsoft has disabled the ability to choose "Check For Updates" from the top menu. If there is a new version available, you will be prompted to either download it now or decide later.

You will get notified if there is a Skype update but you get to choose whether or not you want to install. You can always get the most current version of Microsoft Skype App for windows from this static link. I am seriously considering closing my Skype account and removing what I consider now garbage software, from all my computers.

Java Download For MAC – Instructions

I had a recent customer, ask a question on a website I make supplemental income, as a computer technician. This platform has the ability for us technicians to provide remote support. However, their integrated remote support software requires Java, for customers that use Apple Macintosh operating systems.

This customer was using an Apple Macintosh and was having difficulty installing Java. Below are detailed instructions on how you can install Java on your Apple Macintosh computer. Do you happen to know what version of MAC OS X is installed?

I checked Java.com and you would need MAC OS X 10.7.3 or newer. You can find out what version of MAC operating system is installed by clicking on the Apple icon and choosing "About this MAC". Also, you could try to just download and install Java for Apple Macintosh from this direct Java download for MAC link.

Macintosh OS 10.7.3 is also referred to as Macintosh OS X Lion. This individual was able to successfully install Java from the download link I provided. Now they were able to obtain remote support from one of the technicians available.

I am NOT a big fan of Oracle's Java. However, quite a few applications require it. Also, there is some confusion as to how and where to obtain this software.

I went directly to Oracle's Java websites' downloads section and found out that at the time of this blog post creation, you must have Apple Macintosh 10.7.3 or newer installed. There could still be a few Apple Macintosh computers with older OS X operating systems installed. You could possibly find an older archived version of Java to download or install.

Also, you could try to upgrade your Macintosh OS X operating system to a newer version that will support Java. Java run time environment is used in applications ranging from games to remote technical support.

Connecting 2 Monitors – to a Windows 10 Computer

I received a question from a customer on a website whereby I earn supplemental income, answering computer and technology related questions. Here is the question I received:

"Hi, I have a laptop and a separate monitor. How can I use both screens without seeing same on both. I am a tax preparer.

I would like to use one for the tax software and the other to use the Internet."

This individual had a Hewlett Packard laptop with Windows 10. Also, they had purchased a separate LG display monitor. Make sure your monitor is powered on and connected to your computer.

In Windows 10 you can right click your desktop. A pop up menu will open up. Choose "Display settings".

In this window scroll down until you see "Multiple Displays". If your monitor is connected properly, then you can choose "Extend these displays" in a "Multiple Displays" drop down list. This allows you to move applications to whichever display you choose.

For example, open up your tax software and then click on the top with your left mouse button. Hold down your left mouse button and drag that application to the display of your choosing. You will be able to view your web browser on one monitor and your tax software on the other one.

I currently actually have two LCD displays connected to a desktop computer. If you have a desktop computer with two monitors, then you would follow those same instructions. If you run into any issues, make sure both monitors or displays are working and powered on first.

Also, make sure that you have proper video card drivers installed. Depending on what type of video connection(s) your monitor(s) have ie VGA, DVI, Display Port, or HDMI, you may need to connect your monitors first and then power on your computer. Generally, Display Port and HDMI are more plug in play.

Open Source Office Suite – LibreOffice Version 6.0.2 Available

Open source office suite libreoffice version 6.0.2 is now available. This newest version of LibreOffice was released on March first two thousand eighteen. 50 bug and regression fixes are included in this update.

This time the Document Foundation released a catalog of these fixes in a change log. The document foundation released version 5.4.5 of LibreOffice as well. I have since removed LibreOffice from my Windows 10 computer.

I now use the portable version of LibreOffice, which does NOT require you to go through an installation process. Also, this saves around 100 megabytes of disk space. I prefer running applications in portable formats, whenever possible.

LibreOffice is an entirely FREE open source office suite comparable to Microsoft Office. I have been using open source office suite software for over a decade now. LibreOffice is my office suite of choice, for at least five years now.

You can open up many types of Microsoft office documents within libreoffice. Also, you can open up many types of libreoffice documents with Microsoft office suite. LibreOffice has an automatic update notifier.

You can always manually download the most current version of LibreOffice suite. LibreOffice is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, and Linux operating systems. Microsoft Windows XP service pack 3, Vista, 7, 8, 10, server 2008, and server 2010 operating systems are supported. Apple Macintosh operating system 10.8 mountain lion or newer are supported.

Linux operating system distributions with Linux kernel version 2.6.18 or newer, glibc2 version 2.5 or newer, and gtk version 2.10.4 or newer are supported. Also, there is an open source office suite libreoffice suite viewer version for the Google Android operating system, which I have never tried before. Finally, there is a portable version of LibreOffice that will work on a Universal Serial Bus device, cloud, or local drive.

I have now tested out LibreOffice portable and so far have NOT noticed any problems. This frees up an additional 100 megabytes of disk space. I prefer maintaining Microsoft Windows based computers with the least amount of software installed as possible.

HP PC Recovery – All in One Touchsmart 23 Reinstalling Windows 10

I received a question from a customer on a website whereby I earn supplemental income answering computer questions.

I have a 5 year old HP Pavilion TouchSmart 23 all in one computer, which was upgraded to Windows 10 during the free period. As a result of a power surge, I had to perform a recovery on the system and as a result now have Windows 8.1. Can that be updated on the same machine without charge, and if so how?

The short answer to their question, is that as long as Windows 10 was installed and activated, then you can reinstall Windows 10 without purchasing a new license. This individual had installed all of the current Windows 8.1 updates. Whenever you uprade Windows operating systems you want to install all available updates first.

You do not need to purchase a new license since you had already upgraded to Windows 10. You should be able to either upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 10 or just perform a fresh install of Windows 10. I am going to describe to you how to upgrade Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 by using Microsoft's media creation tool.

Please download the Windows 10 installation media creation tool. You do NOT need to create a USB flash drive or DVD disc. You will download Windows 10 using this tool and then once it finishes downloading, then you can upgrade Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.

Download this tool and then and select "Run". Select "Accept" on the license terms page. Select "Upgrade this PC Now" on the "What do you want to do?" page.

Then you click "Next". This download can take awhile depending on your Internet connection speed. Microsoft Windows 10 will reboot several times during this upgrade process.

This customer of mine successfully upgraded his computer from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 after performing an HP PC Recovery. Since you already had Windows 10 installed and activated you should NOT be asked to enter in your certificate of authenticity product key. As a possible gold tip you can actually also install Windows 10 updates using the media creator tool.

VLC Open Source – Media Player 3.0.1 Released

VLC open source media player version 3.0.1 has been released on February twenty eight two thousand eighteen. This latest version of VLC open source media player is a major release called Vetinari with quite a few new features. VideoLAN VLC media player is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, and Linux operating systems.

There are over thirty bug fixes in this version of VLC open source media player. These are the major improvements in this latest version:

* chromecast support
* decoding hardware
* adaptive streaming
* over thirty bug fixes
* bugs causing crashes resolved

I was not able to use VLC's "check for updates" feature nor did the automatic updates detect version 3.0.1. You can download VLC media player version 3.0.1 and install this software update manually. VLC media player is free and open source.

This software is available in both x86 32 bit and x64 64 bit versions. The current version of VLC open source media player is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP service pack 3, vista, 7, 8, and 10. There are basically three different ways to update VLC open source media player.

You can enable updates notifier. VLC open source media player will check for updates and notify you when one is available. A second way to update VLC media player is to download the most recent version from a static link at videolan.org.

Finally, you can update VLC by clicking on "Help" from top menu and then choosing "Check for Updates...". If an update is available you will be prompted to download and install it. You will need to restart VLC media player for this update to complete.