No Web – Troubleshooting Steps to Gain Access to Internet Again

No Web

You’re having problems getting online. You’re hardware is working, a wireless router is working, and an Internet connection is working. You think it is a configuration issue with your browser and anti-virus software.

Please advise what a next step would be. Also you have Safari and Internet Explorer and both give a “cannot display the webpage” error message. You tested it on various websites, same error on all.

Your other laptop is working with a very same internet connection, wifi router, etc. So it is not an issue with your router and all diagnostics run fine. You are using Microsoft Windows Vista.

Anti-virus software you have installed is Norton Internet Security and Norton Security Scan. Click “Start” then select “Control Panel. Go into “Internet Options” then to “Connections” tab.

Select “Lan Settings” and all you do is un-check that proxy server dialog box (use a proxy server for your LAN). Now try to browse a web site. Another option is to clear your DNS cache.

1. Click a Microsoft Vista Start logo in a bottom left corner of your screen
2. Click All Programs
3. Click Accessories
4. RIGHT click on Command Prompt
5. Select Run As Administrator
6. In a command window type a following and then hit enter: ipconfig /flushdns
7. You will see a following confirmation:

Windows IP Configuration
Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.

Try browsing a web site. If still not working try some Norton Internet Security steps. Temporarily turn off your firewall (for a brief test).

Start Norton Internet Security. In a Network pane, next to Smart Firewall, click a status indicator to turn it Off. In a Protection Alert dialog box, from a drop-down menu, select Permanently, and then click OK.

Restart your computer. Check Internet connectivity. Start your browser.

Connect to a following Web site:

Check whether you can access that Web site. At this time, you access the Internet with a firewall turned off. Do not access any other web site now.

Troubleshooting steps depend on whether you can access the Web site with a firewall turned off. Before you proceed with some troubleshooting steps, you need to turn back your firewall on. Go to Step 3.

Turn on firewall. Start Norton Internet Security. In a Network pane, next to Smart Firewall, click a status indicator to turn it On.

You don’t have to reinstall Norton Internet Security if you don’t want to. At least try to use their removal to make sure you have everything removed. You can cancel that reinstall when it prompts you to.

No Web

To fix this problem, uninstall and reinstall Norton Internet Security 2010. Download and run a Norton removal tool to uninstall Norton Internet Security 2010. We recommend that you download that Norton Removal Tool on another computer which has an active Internet connection, and then transfer it to your computer using removable media such as USB drives, external hard drives, etc.

Save your Product Key. If you downloaded your product from your service provider, you do not have a Product Key. Please skip Step 1 and continue with Step 2 below.

You may also find your Product Key at back of a CD sleeve, or in a confirmation email that you received from Symantec for your download purchase. Once you write down that Product Key, go to Step 2. Download and run that Norton Removal Tool.

That Norton Removal Tool uninstalls all Norton 2003 and later products, Norton 360, and Norton System Works 12.0 from your computer. Before you continue, make sure that you have installation CDs or downloaded installation files for any Norton products that you want to reinstall. If you have pcAnywhere or WinFAX, uninstall it using Add or Remove Programs before running that Norton Removal Tool.

Also, if you use ACT! or WinFAX, back up those databases and uninstall those products. Download that Norton Removal Tool. Save that file to your Windows desktop. Download Norton removal tool.

Click on “Download” button on ensuing web page after clicking download link above. On your Windows desktop, double click that Norton Removal Tool icon. Follow some on-screen instructions.

Restart your computer. Instructions to reinstall your Norton products will be provided after your computer restarts. Your computer may be restarted more than once, and you will be provided instructions on how to reinstall your Norton product.

Another option is to boot your computer into Windows safe mode with Networking support. Press your F8 key after your computer powers on. An advanced options window will open.

Choose “Safe mode with networking support”. Try to download and install MalwareBytes. Update malwarebytes and then run a full scan.

Hopefully, you will be able to access the Internet. You might need to disable your anti-virus software if it is still installed. You can remove that as well while in safe mode.

I would run a full scan with both Malwarebytes and your Norton Antivirus if it is still installed. Make sure that both those program’s databases are updated. Also, you download and install CCleaner. Clean your PC with it first.

Also, clean your registry with CCleaner. Make sure CCleaner’s database is updated before running scans. If your still not able to access Internet in normal mode then click “Start” then select “All Programs”.

Choose “Accessories” then select “Command Prompt”. At command prompt type “ipconfig /release” (not quotes) and then press your Enter key. Type “ipconfig /renew” and Enter.

Probably best to do this in Safe Mode although it shouldn’t make any difference. If you get any error messages when doing this, navigate to a following URL which walks you through steps on How to determine and recover from Winsock2 corruption.

Another option is to perform a Windows Vista system restore. Basically you pick a restore point to a date before you started having this problem and restore Windows. Open System Restore by clicking your Start button, clicking All Programs, clicking Accessories, clicking System Tools, and then clicking System Restore.

If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type that password or provide confirmation. Hopefully, that will fix your problem. Please download and run Norton Removal Tool (SymNRT) 2011.0.0.15. There have been instances where not completely removing Norton products can cause blocked Internet access in normal Windows mode.

After running that tool, go into “Add Remove programs” in “Control Panel”. Click on “Show updates” and make sure there are no Norton items listed. Hopefully, you will be able to access the Internet in normal Windows mode.

Last Known Good Configuration – Get Windows 7 to Boot Normal

Last Known Good Configuration

You cannot fully load into Windows 7 anymore. You tried loading into safe mode and that works just fine. When you try to load into Windows 7 normally, it goes to a loading screen where a Windows 7 logo is.

Then you hear windows continuing to load and audio sounds tell you that you are actually in your user account but all you see is a load screen. You were in a middle of reinstalling a video card driver so as of now there is no driver installed. You’ve tried to install a video card driver but it won’t let you unless you are in normal Windows mode.

You cannot perform a backup in safe mode and will only let you do it in normal mode. You can boot into Windows safe mode using “Last known good configuration”. Hopefully, it will fix your issue.

Last Known Good Configuration

If not, boot into Windows “safe mode with networking”. This time delete your video card device from device manager in control panel. You should be able to now boot into Windows normally.

Windows will either install a Microsoft video driver or use a default limited resolution one. Try to install your video card driver again.

Computer Shuts Off – How to Fix Your Windows Boot up Problem

Computer Shuts Off

You have an HP M8000N media center PC, and your computer started shutting down for no reason about 3 months ago. Now it shuts down even before it can boot up. You have reformated a hard drive, replaced a power supply, and have pulled out extra ram.

You have tried an operating system restore as well and your computer still stuts down unexpectedly. Do you have any suggestions as to what a problem might be? You can check to make sure all your fans are spinning ie. power supply, case, CPU fans.

If even one fan is failing it can cause your computer to overheat and shut off. If all fans continue to spin while in BIOS or trying to boot Windows, try blowing out any dust. Also, too much dust in and around your fans can cause it to overheat and shut off.

Computer Shuts Off

Does your computer stay powered on for quite awhile when just in your BIOS? Also, try booting it into Windows safe mode, last known good configuration, and safe mode with networking support. I would remove as many devices as possible ie. CD, DVD, USB, SD cards, etc. as possible to test.

It’s possible a hardware device is causing your problem. You may need to reinstall hardware devices one at a time until you find a culprit. New hardware added to your computer might be causing your issue.

Updating your BIOS might help. If you have Windows Vista or Vista 64 bit there are BIOS and firmware updates. A software and driver downloads page has them.

DVD RW Writers – How to Fix Your Windows DVD Writer Error 39

DVD RW Writers

Your DVD-RW will not work, it opens, spins and when you use Add/Remove new hardware in Windows device manager, a message you get is “New hardware found”. Windows claims it can’t load driver, with error 39. After removing these registry keys and rebooting, it may be necessary to reinstall any CD or DVD recording applications.

1) Close all open programs

2) Click on Start, Run, and type REGEDIT and press Enter

3) Click on the plus signs (+) next to the following folders

* CurrentControlSet
* Control
* Class
* {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

DVD RW Writers

4) This folder is a DVD/CD-ROM Drive Class Description in Windows registry. Look for any of following names in a right hand column.

* UpperFilters
* LowerFilters
* UpperFilters.bak
* LowerFilters.bak

5) If any of those above keys shown in step 4 are listed, right click on them and choose Delete.

6) After deleting those keys, close Windows Registry Editor.

7) Reboot your computer

8) Open My Computer and check to see if your CD or DVD drives have returned. You may also want to open Device Manager and verify that a yellow exclamation and error code on that CD or DVD drive is gone.

Accrobat – How to Add a Second Column in Adobe Acrobat Pro 9


You just installed Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional and are very frustrated. You have two documents, one in Russian, and another one in English. You would like to create a .pdf with 2 columns, left side for a Russian version, and right side for an english translation.

You’ve never used Acrobat Professional before to create documents, and some help documentation doesn’t seem to want to talk about creating multiple columns at all. You can try adding a column by clicking on “Table” then “Insert” then “Column”. You may still need to create a .pdf portfolio then try inserting a column.


Video Blog Post – How to Upload Videos to Your WordPress Blog

Video Blog Post

How do you upload video(s) from your computer to a blog you ask? You could upload your video(s) to your Youtube account and then embed your Youtube video in a blog post. Also, you could upload small videos directly to a blog post.

I just tried it on one of my blog’s and I received a 2 MB limit message. If you have access to your php.ini file on your web host, then you can increase this value to greater than 2 MB. Youtube video’s are limited to eleven hours and 128GB each.

There are other free video sites that you can use. Vimeo, LiveLeaks, etc. allow you to upload videos, which can then become embedded in a WordPress blog post. One advantage of uploading your video files to a video hosting site is disk space.

You can use up disk space quite quickly if you upload your video files to your own web server or web host.

Video Blog Post

Earthlink Dialup – How to Access Your Earthlink Email Over DSL

Earthlink Dialup

You just upgraded your Internet service to DSL. You had dial-up with Earthlink and now you can’t retrieve your old emails or send out those ones still waiting on hold. What do you do?

You can access your Earthlink email via their web based interface. You need to dial into your Earthlink account to access your email with desktop client email. If you try to access it over your DSL connection for security reasons they might block access.

It should be accessible with their web based mail system over your DSL.

Earthlink Dialup

Windows XP No Sound – Fix Your Audio Problem in Windows XP

Windows XP no Sound

Sound does not work on your system. Prior to turning your system on it was working. What have you done to cause this and how can you correct it?

You checked to see if you disconnected any wiring and used a sound button to raise and lower sound on your monitor. You can view and go through some steps in a No sound in Windows Microsoft article. You can also perform a Windows system restore, if those steps don’t resolve your issue.

Basically, you pick a restore point before your sound problem.

1. Log on to Windows as an Administrator.
2. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click System Restore. System Restore starts.
3. On a Welcome to System Restore page, click Restore my computer to an earlier time (if it is not already selected), and then click Next.
4. On a Select a Restore Point page, click a most recent system restore point on this list, click a restore point list, and then click Next.

Windows XP no Sound

NOTE: A System Restore message may appear that lists configuration changes that System Restore will make. Click OK.

5. On a Confirm Restore Point Selection page, click Next. System Restore restores that previous Windows XP configuration, and then restarts your computer.
6. Log on to that computer as an Administrator. A System Restore Restoration Complete page is displayed.
7. Click OK.

Hopefully, this will fix your sound problem. These instructions were written for a computer running Windows XP.

Recordnow Updates – Fix Roxio Update Manager UM.MSI Problem

Recordnow Updates

Roxio Update Manager is looking for UM.MSI file which doesn’t seem to exist on your computer. You have windows XP professional on a Dell you purchased. So what you get is a screen saying to find it another way.

You don’t seem to have a Roxio disk in your Dell paper work other then a Roxio Easy Creator 9. This is a problem that forces you to hard boot your computer in order to turn it off. You can’t even remove your program through Windows add/remove programs.

You have tried to uninstall Roxio update manager. Also, you have tried looking for an UM.MSI file through windows search. If Update Manager fails to uninstall, corruption has occurred that prevents removal.

Recordnow Updates

You will have to manually remove Update Manager:

Go to “My Computer” then C:\\Program Files\Sonic. If there is a folder named “Update Manager”, right click on it and select delete. Browse to C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\Sonic and delete that “Update Manager” folder.

NOTE: You may need to enable hidden files. Do this within Windows Explorer by going to “Tools” then select “Folder Options”. Select a “View” tab and then select “Show Hidden Files and Folders”.

You can then periodically check for updates, for your Roxio software, as long as Roxio still supports your software, from this Corel KBSearch Articles page on Roxio’s support site. Also, you can upgrade to a newer version of Roxio Easy Creator to try to get your current version working again. This will require an additional cost.

Payroll Subscription – How to Contact Intuit When Site Down

Payroll Subscription

Your Quickbooks payroll subscription status says “active”. However when you go to do payroll, you get a message that your “Enhanced Payroll for unlimited employees subscription has expired and you need to update your billing info”. You are unable to update because Intuit site is down due to Server Maintenance.

How can you update your info as you have to do payroll today? How long do you anticipate the Intuit site to be down for maintenance? You can contact Intuit payroll support at these following numbers.

QuickBooks Basic or Enhanced Payroll 800-624-2106

QuickBooks Assisted Payroll 888-712-9702

Complete Payroll 888-236-4282

Payroll Subscription