Phone Service With Unlimited Data – by Tmobile Slow Down After 50GB

T-Mobile USA Incorporated has decided to increase what they call their prioritization point. This company is incresing it from thirty two gigabytes to fifty gigabytes. What this means is that many if not most wireless carriers slow down your connection when you reach their data ceiling.

For example, before if you were a T-Mobile customer, when you reached thirty two gigabytes of data, your speed might decrease. This data speed cap is per month. T-Mobile also claims that data usage on their network has increased by fifty percent over the past twelve months.

Another claim by T-Mobile USA Incorporated is that their network speed has increased by twenty five percent. This company recently released Netflix on us that supposedly streams one million hours of Netflix per day to their customers. They claim that their Long Term Evolution network connection averages 30 Mbps thirty megabits per second per customer.

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Once you reach fifty gigabytes of data on your phone service with unlimited data with T-Mobile, then in congested network areas, your speed might decrease. T-Mobile claims that you must reach fifty gigabytes of data use and are located on a congested network before this throttle or cap is instituted. This speed cap resets each month.

You would be placed in line behind other customers that have used less data if you are on a congested part of T-Mobile’s network. This increase in data cap throttling won’t take precedence until tomorrow September twenty two thousand seventeen. With this increase you could stream Netflix for two hours every day in a month and only use around forty two gigabytes of data per month.

You would avoid T-Mobile Business speed cap and throttling requirement.