Popular Music Streaming Services – Groove Music Discontinued

Microsoft Corporation has decided to discontinue their popular music streaming services Groove Music Pass. This streaming music service will cease operations on December thirty first two thousand seventeen. Microsoft has partnered with Spotify music streaming service.

You might be able to get a FREE sixty day Spotify premium account. You will still be able to use your Groove Music Pass until the end of this year. If your subscription extends beyond December thirty first two thousand seventeen, then Microsoft claims they will disperse a prorated refund to you.

You may receive a Microsoft gift card instead. As far as the Groove Music player in Windows 10 goes, this application will NOT get retired. You just will not be able to stream or play music via Groove Music Pass.

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You will still be able to play local music that you downloaded and purchased. Microsoft is going to release an update to Groove Music player on Windows 10, that will allow you to migrate your music to Spotify. This will allow you to move your music content and playlists over to Spotify.

Microsoft claims that they will allow you to migrate your Groove Music Pass content over to Spotify as late as January thirty first two thousand eighteen. It is recommended that you make sure your Microsoft security updates are current on Windows 10. Also, you want to make sure that you have most current version of the Groove Music application.

Microsoft claims that you will be able to migrate your music over to Spotify on any Windows 10 device and or an Xbox one. If you are currently using popular music streaming services Groove Music Pass on an older operating system or Xbox, you must migrate using either a Windows 10 or Xbox One device. In closing Microsoft is discontinuing their Groove Music Pass service as of the end of two thousand seventeen.