Screen Grab Windows – Program Sharex Version 12.1

Sharex at one time was my primary screen capturing program for my videos I make for my Anet Computers Youtube channel. However, I ran into a problem where this program is not compatible with a 24-bit external sound card I have installed. I still keep this program as a backup, in case my primary screen capturing program has problems.

There are over thirty new features in this screen grab windows program Sharex version 12.1. There are a few improvements but no bug or security fixes. Sharex is not compatible with Apple Macintosh or Linux operating systems.

* .NET Framework was upgraded to 4.6.2. This upgrade has caused Microsoft Windows XP and Vista to no longer be supported. Also, .NET Framework 4.5 or higher is required in order to receive automatic updates.

* image editor auto resize
* sticker tool
* blob emoji sticker pack
* new buttons in image editor menu
* panning visual scroll bars
* greenshot editor removed
* built in zip functions
* 7 zip no longer required

This program works on Microsoft Windows 10. Also, there are portable versions of this program in their builds section. Sharex can take screen capture video and audio of your computer desktop. Also, this program screen grab windows program can take screen catpure photographs. In my opinion this program has a lack of documentation and might be cumbersome for beginners.

However, this program works well and when I did use it was quite stable for the most part. This was my primary screen grab windows program for a few years. I would still be using this program if it was compatible with a 24-bit sound card installed on my Microsoft Windows 10 x64 64 bit version desktop computer.

Once you learn how to use this free screen grab windows program, you will be able to make screen capture videos for platforms like Youtube, Dailymotion, Topbuzz, etc.