Skype App For Windows – Version Released

The Microsoft Skype app for Windows version has been released. For the third Skype update in a row, there are no documented changes for this version of Skype, as of this blog post creation. This version was released on March twenty two thousand eighteen.

However, I could not find out any details from an official Skype support page listing their version releases. I was NOT able to upgrade Skype by checking for updates, as Skype version has disabled a manual “Check for updates” feature. I have read out on the Internet, that beginning with Skype version there are automatic updates that you cannot disable.

I recently decided to remove all versions of Skype software from all my computers. I no longer use Skype. I had one last Skype account that was not attached to a Microsoft account.

I was not able to permanently delete this account. I decided to abandon this account and hopefully it will get deleted automatically due to dormancy. I finally rid myself of another Microsoft product.

When I did keep trying to update Skype, I kept getting this message:

“Please install Skype from the Microsoft Store for the best expierence”

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Why the fuck is Microsoft blocking the ability to install this software standalone? Why even bother allowing people to download the latest version of Microsoft Skyp3 if they then disable the installer? In my opinion Microsoft is trying to force endusers to use the Windows Store version of Skype.

There is a huge difference to me between the Windows Store version and the standalone version. I do NOT like any applications from the Windows Store quite frankly. I was able to install Skype by setting compatibility mode to Windows 8 before running the installer.

I do NOT use Microsoft Skype that often. However, this still irritates me the hoops you have to go through to just upgrade Microsoft software. Microsoft Skype is a free audio, chat, and video application that allows you to communicate with friends, family, business associates, etc. over the Internet.

Skype app for windows has a built in automatic updates, that will download and upgrade Skype, if an update is available. Microsoft has disabled the ability to choose “Check For Updates” from the top menu. If there is a new version available, you will be prompted to either download it now or decide later.

You will get notified if there is a Skype update but you get to choose whether or not you want to install. You can always get the most current version of Microsoft Skype App for windows from this static link. I am seriously considering closing my Skype account and removing what I consider now garbage software, from all my computers.