Sony Corporation Reduces Playstation Now Subscription Price

Sony Corporation has reduced their subscription price potentially for their Playstation Now game streaming service. You can now purchase a yearly subscription for $99.99. Previously Sony Playstation Now subscriptions were priced at $20 per month or $45 per three months.

Now you can potentially subscribe to ther Playstation Now game streaming service for $8.33 per month with a yearly subscription. Also, you can try before you buy free for seven days. You will have access up to one hundred and five games at time of this blog post creation.

PlayStation Now is available on PlayStation four, PlayStation three, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation television, some select Sony 2015 televisions, some select Sony Blu-ray players, and some select Samsung Smart televisions. You will need to register for a Free Sony Television Network account to gain access.

Those afore mentioned devices now include:

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* Game Streaming Capability
* Access to Increasing Playstation Three Games Library
* PlayStation Now Cloud Save Capable
* PlayStation Store Integration
* PlayStation Now Integration
* Single Player Mode
* Online Multiplayer and Coop Mode with some games

PlayStation Now requires a steady broadband Internet connection and Sony Corporation recommends a five megabits per second connection or better. An input device is required for these devices either dualshock three or dualshock four on most systems. Also, you will need to create a free Sony Network account for gaming access.

Below is a current list of compatible hardware devices.

Sony Blu-ray Player
* BDP-S6500
* BDP-S5500
* BDP-S3500
* BDP-S1500

Sony Televisions
* XBR-X940C/930C series
* XBR-X910C/900C series
* XBR-X850C series
* XBR-X830C series
* XBR-X810C series
* KDL-W850C series
* KDL-W800C series
* KDL-W700C series
* XBR-X950B series
* XBR-X900B series
* XBR-X850B series
* XBR-X800B series
* KDL-W950B series
* KDL-W850B series
* KDL-W800B series
* KDL-W630B series
* KDL-W600B series