Spotify Problems – Spotify Apoligize Over Confusing Privacy Terms

On August twenty first two thousand fifteen, Spotify Chief Executive Officer Daniel Ek, apologized for their confusing privacy and terms policy, that has created recent controversy. He claims his company is in the process of distributing new terms and conditions as well as privacy policy. This Spotify Chief Executive Officer claims that those confusing terms and privacy policy were not intentional.

Daniel Ek is quoted as saying:

“We understand people’s concerns about their personal information and are 100 percent committed to protecting our users’ privacy and ensuring that you have control over the information you share.”

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Going forward you may be asked by Spotify access to types of information including photos, your mobile device location, voice controls, and your contacts. You do NOT have to share any of this information if you do not want to. If you allow access to this information, allegedly spotify will only use it for you to “customize your Spotify experience”.

Your photos, your location, your voice microphone, and your contacts will not be accessible without your explicit permission. Some information is shared on Spotify’s service. However, according to Daniel Ek none of your personal information is shared.

Spotify is going to release their new privacy policy in some weeks ahead. You can contact Spotify at with your privacy concerns. Also, you can check out Spotify Chief Executive Officer Daniel Ek’s official SORRY. blog post.