Sprint – Rolls Out Unlimited Data Talk and Text For $50

Sprint Corporation announced their roll out of unlimited data, talk, and text for fifty dollars per month. This is for just one line. However, you can get a second line for forty dollars per month.

For a limited time, you can receive five total lines for ninety dollars per month. Lines three, four, and five are free. However, this expires on March thirty first two thousand eighteen.

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You must enable automatic payment and this offer is only good for new Sprint customers. After this initial offer expires your first line would cost $60 per month, second line would still cost $40 per month, and each additional line would cost $30 per month. Five lines would then cost $190 per month.

Even after an initial offer expires, you still receive unlimited data access, talk, and text messages with any lines you keep. Your data speeds may fluctuate and decrease during congestion.