St. Louis Public Library – Victim of Ransomware Malware Attack

The St. Louis, Missouri Public Library was attacked by ransomware on January nineteen two thousand seventeen. Perpetrators broke into this libraries’ computer system and installed malware. This malware caused their library computer system to not function properly.

This attack affected book checkout and computer access at all seventeen library locations. Perpetrators, allegedly demanded payment via Bitcoin. However, this library contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation, whom opened an investigation into this incident.

This library has not paid off this ransom. Technology staff were able to regain access to servers after around four days. They are in process of restoring data with their backup system. All book checkout systems have been restored.

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This library is still attempting to completely restore their public access computers. Some computers at some locations cannot be reserved. This libraries WiFi system was never affected.

Also, St. Louis Public Library claims that no personal information was stolen by perpetrators. They claim that they do not store personal information such as payment information from their patrons. On this libraries website they posted a banner at top with following message:

“Use of reservable computers is suspended. Call your neighborhood Library for information.”

Supposedly, attackers demanded a thirty five thousand ransom payable with Bitcoin. However, I was not able to verify this via the St. Louis Library website.