Standalone Flash Player – Mozilla to Block Flash Player Plugin

On July thirteen two thousand fifteen, Mozilla decided to block Adobe Flash Player plugin from their Firefox web browser. All versions of Adobe Flash and lower will be blocked. Mozilla’s reasoning is based on security vulnerabilities in Adobe’s Flash plugin.

This plugin will automatically become disabled and no longer in use in Mozilla Firefox web browser. These security vulnerabilities affect computers running Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems. Even if you are using Google Chrome to browse websites you are still at risk.

Adobe states in this security bulletin, that these security vulnerabilities are present in Flash Player and older. Today, Adobe released Flash Player plugin version that has addressed these security vulnerabilities. This update was released for Mac and Windows operating systems.

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Also, an updated version has been released for Google Chrome web browser. This security bulletin released by Adobe today has information about this updated version of Flash Player plugin that has patched these security holes. It is highly recommended to download and install manually Adobe Flash player plugin version

Many websites are designed to function without Adobe Flash Player plugin using HTML5. Some websites are not designed but popular content management systems like WordPress now have built in HTML5 support. One other possible solution is to remove Adobe Flash Player plugin from your computer.

On Windows XP computers, go into Add/Remove programs and uninstall Adobe Flash Player. On Windows Vista, 7, and 8 go into Programs and Features to remove flash player. On Mac and Linux computers you remove Adobe Flash Player plugin using appropriate removal technique.

If you are not certain if your current web browser supports HTML5, you can download newest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. All a fore mentioned web browsers now support HTML5.