Super Mario Run – by Nintendo Released For Android Devices

Nintendo of America announced that Super Mario Run will be released in March. This version will run on Android devices. Nintendo previously released a version of this game for Apple iOS that received forty million downloads in first four days.

You can pre-register on the Google Play store to become notified when it is officially available. This Android based game, Super Mario Run, is a free download. However, only portions of this game will work with free version.

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Nintendo charges $9.99 for a full iOS version, and speculation is that perhaps Nintendo will charge a similar price for full Android version. You can play this game one handed, as Super Mario moves forward. This game requires an active Internet connection.

You will not be able to play Super Mario Run offline. If you use a metered Internet connection, you may want to use WiFi. There are three major parts to this game:

* World Tour
* Toad Rally
* Kingdom Builder

You can add friends and play against them. You will be able to see your friends list. Nintendo allows third party partners to gather data from this application for analytical purposes.