T-Mobile – Reveal Unlimited Data Plan & Drop Monthly Service Fees

T-mobile USA Incorporated announced at CES 2017 that they will change to an unlimited data plan with their T-mobile One service. You receive unlimited talk, text and high speed data for one flat rate charge. Existing customers do not need to convert to this plan and can keep their existing plan.

Also, this T-Mobile One service is no longer a contract. Customers will never have their monthly rate change, unless they agree to it. T-mobile will not add hidden service fees to their T-mobile One plan.

Also, T-mobile will begin refunding customers ten dollars each month if they only use two gigabytes or less each month. This will be a ten dollar credit on next month after not going over two gigabytes. T-mobile customers must sing up to T-mobile One plan to possibly receive this credit.

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With this T-mobile One unlimited data plan, customers will no longer be charged monthly service fees above and beyond $40 dollars. You must sign up for T-mobile One with automatic payment and pay your bill on time. Taxes are now included in this monthly service fee.

This $40 per line price requires a minimum of four lines. Additional T-Mobile One lines cost $20 per month after your first two lines. These are limited to twelve total lines. If each additional line does not use more than two gigabytes of data per month, than these lines cost ten dollars per month.

For a limited time, T-Mobile is offering a one hundred fifty dollar rebate by switching to a T-Mobile One plan. You can switch up to twelve lines and still receive a $150 rebate per line. You do not need to trade in your current equipment or finance any equipment to receive these rebate(s).