Tmobile News – Adds Call Data Text to Canada & Mexico For No Charge

T-Mobile Corporation announced yesterday that they would add calls, 4G LTE data, and texts to Canada and Mexico to their existing Simple Choice customers for no additional charge. Simple choice becomes the first and only Continent wide wireless plan. This service is named “Mobile without borders”.

Current Simple Choice customers will not need to incur further expenses to get this service. This includes both land lines and mobile customers with voice and data. Calls from and or between Canada, Mexico and the United States of America, beginning July fifteen two thousand fifteen will connect without any additional charges. As long as you have either a land line or mobile Simple Choice service.

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Calls, data access, and texts work no matter what part of the continent of North America you reside in. Also, this includes Music Freedom and Wi-Fi calling features. All Simple Choice prepaid and postpaid T-Mobile customers are eligible for this upgrade.

New customers will automatically obtain Canada and Mexico services. Existing customers can opt-in to this upgrade online, via phone, or in person at a T-Mobile store. Business customers can upgrade their service for free for their first ten phone lines.

Each phone line beyond that costs one dollar per month. Currently their Simple Choice plan costs $50 fifty dollars per month. You can check out T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plan as well as their official news release about their mobile without borders service.