Top Cell Phone Companies – Sprint Abandons Two Year Contracts

Sprint announced today August seventeen two thousand fifteen, that they will be abandoning their mandatory two year contracts. Instead of two year contracts, they will institute an easy pay pland and lease plan for smart phones. Both of these plans do not require an annual service contract.

Both plans require twenty four months. Sprint’s lease plan does not require an up front payment or payment of taxes. A twenty dollar monthly device payment is required. Also, a monthly service fee is required.

Currently, Sprint has a sixty dollar per month unlimited plan. This would be their cheapest option, costing just eighty dollars per month. However, Sprint still owns your smart phone with this option.

If you want to own your device Sprint has what is called their EasyPay plan. No up front money required, but you pay fifty two dollars in estimated taxes initially. A twenty seven dollar per month device payment plus a monthly service plan.

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Sprint’s sixty dollar unlimited per month option is available for their EasyPay plan. For eight seven dollars per month you can own your device. Also, their is no annual contract required with this plan.

Sprint lease plan is approximately two hundred twenty two dollars cheaper over twenty four months. These are just estimated prices. Sprint will lease you some Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. At end of your lease you are able to then turn in your device and upgrade to a new one.

With EasyPay after twenty four months, you get to keep your device. You can still purchase your device and keep it after end of your lease by paying a purchase option fee. Also, you can continue leasing your device month to month after your initial twenty four month lease expires.

Your twenty four month lease agreement cannot be amended. You can check out Sprint Lease for more information.