Verizon Data Cap – Lifted With $10 Charge Per Line

Verizon Wireless announced a way for “unlimited” plan customers to lift their Verizon data cap. Starting November third two thousand seventeen, customers will be able to pay ten dollars to lift data useage bandwidth throttling instituted by Verizon Wireless a few months ago. Approximately, two months ago Verizon Wireless split their unlimited data plans into two seperate tiers.

One plan allowed 1080p video on tablets and 720p on smart devices. Their other plan only allowed 480p streaming. You can lift this restriction with a ten dollar per month additional payment.

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However, this restriction will get lifted only per line. If you have multiple lines then you would have to pay ten dollars per each line you want this data throttling restriction lifted. For ten dollars you will be able to stream video up to 4K quality.

Just this year, in February, Verizon Wireless did NOT have such ridiculous data restrictions. Verizon is currently the most expensive provider when compared to the other three largest wireless providers. Now they expect you to pay an additional ten dollars per month to enjoy video quality that most other providers include as part of their monthly fee.