Verizon Phone Company – Discontinues Two Year Mobile Contracts

Verizon Wireless announced today that they will discontinue mandatory two year contracts and discounted phones. Beginning August thirteen two thousand fifteen this company will begin using four different data packages as price plans. New customers can either buy smartphones at retail prices or purchase them via a device payment option.

Verizon Wireless four data options are:

* Small: Thirty dollars per month for one gigabyte of shareable data
* Medium: Forty five dollars per month for three gigabytes of shareable data
* Large: Sixty dollars per month for six gigabytes of shareable data
* X-Large: Eighty dollars per month for twelve gigabytes of shareable data

Each size option comes with unlimited talk and text messaging. Each additional gigabyte of data costs fifteen dollars. Each smartphone line costs twenty dollars per month.

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Tablet and Jetpack lines cost ten dollars per month. Connected lines for smartwatches cost five dollars per month. All four data options are completely shareable up to ten devices total.

Current Verizon Wireless customers can keep their current plan or move to a new plan with some possible restrictions. Customers that purchase new devices and that don’t pay retail prices, will be required to purchase these devices with Verizon Edge. Verizon Edge allows customers to pay for a device within twenty four months, with a monthly payment, in addition to their data account payment.

Also, you can pay off your device cost in a lump sum payment at once, instead of with twenty four payments. Check out Verizon Wireless device payment frequently asked questions page for more information.