Verizon Wireless – Denies Android AppFlash is Spyware

Verizon Wireless has responded to public accusations that AppFlash is a spyware program. Verizon was going to start installing AppFlash in coming months to all their customers Android devices. This application is a application launcher and web search utility.

However, Kelly Crummey the Director of Corporate Communications at Verizon is quoted as saying:

“As we said earlier this week, we are testing AppFlash to make app discovery better for consumers. The test is on a single phone – LG K20 V – and you have to opt-in to use the app. Or, you can easily disable the app.

Nobody is required to use it. Verizon is committed to your privacy. Visit to view our Privacy Policy.”

In looking into this incident further I found out that Verizon is already obtaining quite a bit of data from their customers already. Their built in application My Verizon collects a ton of information about you. This application has access to following information:

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* Device and application history
* Running applications
* Cellular data settings
* Change or intercept network settings as well as traffic
* Find accounts
* Calendar events and confidential information
* Can add or modify calendar events and send email without your knowledge
* Read contacts
* Modify contact
* Approximate location
* Precise location
* Access provider commands
* Read your text messages
* Receive text messages
* Send SMS messages
* Edit text messages
* Call phone numbers
* Reroute outgoing calls
* Read call log
* Read phone status as well as identity
* Write call log
* Read contents of USB storage
* Modify or delete contents of USB storage
* Take pictures as well as videos
* Record audio
* View Wi-Fi connections
* Read phone status as well as identity
* Update component usage information
* Read your historical network use
* Force device to reboot
* Modify security system settings
* Receive Internet data
* View network connections
* Create accounts as well as set passwords
* Read battery information
* Pair Bluetooth devices
* Access Bluetooth information
* Change network connection
* Connect as well as disconnect from WiFi
* Delete application cache
* Control a flashlight
* Measure application storage information
* Full network accessibility
* Close Applications
* Change audio settings
* Begins at startup
* Draw over applications
* Control device vibration
* Prevent device sleep mode
* Edit system settings
* Read Google service settings