Verizon Wireless – FIOS is $70 For New Customers

Verizon Wireless Incorporated released Fios gigabit Internet for $70. However, as has many other websites pointed out, this offer is available for new customers. Also, you won’t really get gigabit access speeds.

Download bandwidth is limited to 940 Mbps, while upload bandwidth is limited to 880 Mbps. As far as the advertised $70 price goes, you will pay more than this when you include modem rental and other fees. This price is limited to new customers only.

Previous customers that upgrade will most likely pay more than what they are paying for now. Fios gigabit connection is available in New York City New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Richmond Virginia, Hampton Roads Virginia, Boston Massachusetts, Providence Rhode Island and Washington, District of Columbia. This service will not be available in all homes in these markets yet.

Around eight million people will have access to Verizon’s Fios gigabit Internet. You must order online to get this price.