Verizon Wireless – Release Nougat For Motorola Z Play Droid

Verizon Wireless has released Android Nougat 7 for their Moto Z Play Droid Edition smart device. This software update is available as software version NDNS25.137-24-1-2. Android Nougat includes multitasking and smart battery features.

Nougat includes application switching. You will need to either connect to a WiFi network or your Verizon wireless network with a strong signal. If you received an upgrade notification then tap “Yes I’m in” to begin download of Google Android Nougat 7.

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Tap “Install Now” after that software is finished downloading. After finishing that installation your smart device will automatically reboot. It is recommended you have a fully charged battery and or plugged into an electrical outlet before beginning this upgrade.

Another way to upgrade your Moto Z Play Droid is to select “Settings” in an application menu. Now select “About Phone” then choose “System Updates”. Tap “Yes I’m in” to begin download of Android Nougat.

Tap “Install Now” to begin installation process. Your Moto Z Play Droid will automatically reboot after installation has completed.