Vid me – Shut Down Permanently

Vid me an alternative video platform to YouTube, is shutting down forever. Today, their co-founder Warren Schaeffer released a statement proclaiming that this video site is ending operations. As of December fifteen two thousand seventeen this video platform will cease and desist operating.

Goodbye for now. Vidme came a long way as an independent platform, but we couldn’t find a path to sustainability. We’re building something new.

Warren Schaeffer
Co-founder Vid me

As of this blog post creation, new signups and video uploads will be denied. Also, as of December fifteen two thousand seventeen, all videos will be permenantly deleted from Vid me servers. Vid me was created in two thousand fourteen as an alternative to YouTube.

Outstanding earnings will be paid within sixty days. I did NOT earn a penny from Vid me as I only uploaded fifty eight videos. I was pulling for Vid me to become a viable alternative to YouTube.

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However, this video platform only lasted around three years. Actually, in all honesty I preferred the Vid me platform over Youtube, as a video content creator. Vid me surprisingly served six billion views total.

Also, they averaged 200 million visitors to their website annually. In July of two thousand seventeen Vid me had announced monetization via ads, similar to Youtube. Even before this they allowed paid subscriptions and tips.

However, they could not over come their expenses and make a profit. They were originally funded by venture capital. As of today, they only have twelve total employees.

However, they are going to lay off some of these employees. The founders of Vid me plan on creating a new project that will be announced next year. Their official statement about their video platform shutting down, did mention the possibility that outside investors could purchase the current infrastructure and rebrand this video platform.