Vid me – Uploading Videos From Youtube Tutorial, which is a video platform similar to YouTube, allows content creators to upload videos directly from YouTube. Instead of uploading your video content from your computer, you just submit a YouTube video Uniform Resource Locator. advertises this feature for just YouTube, but I think you can upload videos from other video platforms.

You want to first login to your account. Once logged in, look for a “Upload” button. Click on “Upload” and you will be given three options to upload video content.

* Choose a video or GIF file
* Paste a video or GIF link (URL)
* Drop a video or GIF file here

You want to select the middle or second option “Paste a video or GIF link (Uniform Resource Locator). Grab a link from your YouTube channel(s). Paste it into this link box.

Here is an example YouTube video Uniform Resource Locator:

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Now click on a “Continue” button. will now download and process this video from a link you supplied. Your video will finish processing, with a thumbnail.

That is all you have to perform in order to upload a YouTube video to your channel. Video processing times vary, depending on how large your video file is. This can be a conveniant feature if you no longer have access to your video content, except from YouTube or another video platform.

Also, is accessing this data from another video platform instead of your computer. I notice that whenever I upload videos to YouTube, that my Internet download speed is extremely slow at same time. This could help alleviate this problem if you need to multitask. allows three gigabytes of uploads per week for accounts that are not verified. Each video must be thirty minutes or less. Basically, requires that your channel have at least fifty subsribers or more, before they will lift these restrictions.