Wearable Tech Fashion – Best Buy Now Sells Apple Smart Watch

Starting this past Friday Best Buy is now selling Apple’s smart watches. This is the first retailer to begin selling this Apple product. You can purchase this wearable smart device at over one hundred Best Buy retail locations or their online store.

The entry level price for Apple Watch Sport is three hundred forty nine dollars. The Apple Watch starts at five hundred forty nine dollars. Also, available for purchase are other accessories and straps.

However, the Apple Watch Edition which pricing begins at ten thousand dollars, will not be available for purchase at Best Buy electronics. These smart watches will be available at more than two hundred Best Buy retail locations, as holiday season approaches. A total of sixteen different Apple smart watch models will eventually become available.

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Sizes are available in either thirty eight millimeters or forty two millimeters. Apple Watch Sport comes in black, white, pink, blue, and green colors. Apple Watch comes in black, milanese, and white.

An aluminum case surrounds the Apple Watch Sport. Meanwhile, a stainless steel case protects the Apple Watch model. Apple Watches are timekeepers, communication devices, health and fitness trackers.

You can purchase one now from Best Buy online.