Which Chromebook – Dell and Google Launch Chromebook 13

Dell announced yesterday their launch with Google of the Chromebook 13 laptop computer. This computer is geared more towards corporate customers. This device comes with a 13.3 inch display.

Fifth generation Intel Core i5 processors power this laptop personal computer. Also, models with an Intel Celeron i3 processor are available. Battery life supports up to twelve hours of use.

These laptop machines support up to eight gigabytes of random access memory. A built in high definition webcam in 720p is included. A full high definition in plane switching display comes standard.

This display is made of Corning Gorilla glass and can be customized with touch and anti-glare. Also, this laptop device includes dual array microphones. A bult in keyboard is backlit along with a touchpad.

These chromebook thirteen laptop computers are bundled with Dell security software. SonicWALL Mobile Connect virtual private network application and Secure Mobile Access firewall come preloaded. The Dell Chromebook thirteen laptop pricing starts at $399.00 three hundred ninety nine dollars.

This computer ships with Chrome operating system. Also, many popular Google apps come preinstalled. Here are some technical specifications for the Dell Chromebook 13:

Ports and Slots

* USB 2.0 port
* Noble lock slot
* AC Power connection
* HDMI port
* USB 3.0 port
* Headphone Jack
* Micro SD card slot


Height .51 inch to .84 inch
Width 12.93 inches
Depth 9.03 inches
Weight 3.23 pounds or 1.47 kilograms and 3.56 pounds or 1.62 kilograms for touch screen

This laptop computer will be available for purchase starting September seventeen two thousand fifteen in Canada and the United States. You can read Dell’s Dell and Google Launch First Premium Professional Chromebook official press release about this product. Check out the new Dell Chromebook 13, tailored for business users.