Windows 10 New Update Features – With Fall Creators Update

A viewer on my Anet Computers Youtube channel asked me about Windows 10 new update features included with their fall creators update. Microsoft from now on will include two major changes to their operating system. One will be released in spring and one in fall of each year.

Do you know what those update entail? I may need a new dvd drive who knows. Some work ok while others wont read at all.


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The other Microsoft updates you see through out the year are security updates. Fall creators update has quite a few changes and Windows 10 new update features. This update will get released for public consumption on October seventeen two thousand seventeen.

The Graphical User Interface or Windows shell will see some major changes.

* smoother start resize
* resize start diagonally
* start acrylic backdrop
* scrollbars shrink
* new start menu icons
* new action center design
* same sction center and start back drop
* floating bottom right corner notifications
* notifications design
* notifications dismiss arrow
* my people hub taskbar icon
* pin contacts to taskbar
* pinned contacts desktop notifications
* my people hub contacts
* view OneDrive files in file explorer
* share files share option

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Microsoft edge web browser will also see new features. Although, on my Windows 10 professional desktop computer, Microsoft edge quite working after the August anniversary update in two thousand sixteen.

* link PDF directly
* view PDF table of content
* PDF forms support
* pin websites to taskbar
* EPUB documents annotation
* reading progress synced across devices
* save favorites to different location
* edit saved favorite url
* semi-transparent tabs
* text read aloud mode

Some Windows 10 new update features for how you input data into your computer via mouse, keyboard, pen, or touch screen.

* new emoji panel
* emoji 5 support
* touch keyboard one handed mode
* pen scroll and list pages

Windows 10 settings menu is about to change, again.

* about area redesign
* storage sense file deletion after one month
* storage sense deletion of previous windows version
* remote desktop in settings
* new sidebar
* new video playback option
* new game monitor
* updates with individual progress indicators
* new update activity monitor
* cortana in settings

Now the rest of these Windows 10 new update features, with the fall creators update.

* windows throttle inactive programs
* adjust win32 programs DPI without logout
* android missed call notifications with cortana
* ARM64 architecture support
* cortana dedicated speaker support
* photos application story remix
* recover microsoft account password in lock screen
* cortana lock, sign out, shut down and restart voice commands
* USBhub.sys reboot issue fixed