Windows Security – Microsoft Releases Critical Update MS15-093

Microsoft Corporation today, August eighteen two thousand fifteen, released critical security update MS15-093. This is a security update for Internet Explorer web browser. This update patches a vulnerability.

This security hole in Internet Explorer could allow a user to execute code remotely by viewing a web page with Microsoft’s web browser. This user could then obtain same user rights as current logged in user. Individuals who user a more restricted user account for example, a limited user account instead of an account with Administrator rights, might become less impacted.

This is a critical security update and affects the following Microsoft web browser versions:

* Internet Explorer 7
* Internet Explorer 8
* Internet Explorer 9
* Internet Explorer 10
* Internet Explorer 11

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This MS15-093 security vulnerability affects both client and server versions of a fore mentioned web browsers. You can obtain this security update via Microsoft Windows Update. Also, you should be able to obtain this update if you have Automatic updates enabled.

If you’re running Windows ten operating system, then downloading this update will include other security fixes. You should install this critical MS15-093 security update as soon as possible. Finally, you can check out this Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-093 – Critical web page for more information about this update.