Yahoo Email – Account Security Issue Affected 1 Billion Users

I recently received an email message from Yahoo concerning an alleged security issue. I first noticed this message by accessing my Yahoo email account via my HTC 626S Android. When I accessed my Yahoo email account via a web based interface on a desktop computer, I received a “Your account may have been affected by a security issue. You can read about the issue and how to further secure your account here” popup message.

I was reluctant to open a link in this email message on my Android. However, this popup message had a link to a Yahoo security notice dated from December fourteen two thousand sixteen. Yahoo Incorporated claims that one billion Yahoo account email users were affected.

A third party stole data associated with these email accounts. However, Yahoo claims that they have not been able to identify footprints of this intrusion. This incident allegedly took place in August two thousand thirteen.

This is a separate issue that was reported by Yahoo on September twenty second two thousand sixteen. Yahoo required email users to change their passwords after this incident. Security answers and questions that were not encrypted have been invalidated.

Information that may have been stolen includes:

* Names
* Email addresses
* Telephone numbers
* Birth dates
* Hashed passwords using MD5
* Encrypted or not encrypted security questions and answers

Information that was not stolen includes:

* Clear text passwords
* Payment card data
* Bank account information

Yahoo was given what appeared as data stolen from a third party, by alleged law enforcement. This data was then analyzed by third party forensic experts hired by Yahoo. This is when Yahoo concluded that this data breach occurred in August of two thousand thirteen.

Yahoo recommends changing your password and or security answers and questions. However, if you decide to delete your Yahoo email account, these accounts get recycled. What this means is that after a year or so somebody else will be able to user your old email address.

If you used this email address for password resets, then that other individual may be able to access important user information. You may want to just hang on to your Yahoo email account but not use it for important emails such as password resets.