Youtube Demonetizing Videos – That Are Not Family Friendly

Youtube demonetizing videos that are not family friendly, is another wave of Youtube demonitization practices. Youtube claims that they have a five step process to combat what they consider NOT family friendly content. This Google company has removed thousands of videos and removed fifty Youtube channels.

Youtube has implemented age restriction now. Content that is flagged as age restricted will NOT be viewable if you are NOT logged into your Youtube account, under the age of eighteen, or have restricted mode enabled. Also, Youtube is going to begin using automated tools, including artificial intelligence, to find and escalate the human review of these types of not family friendly videos.

In June of this year, Youtube started removing ads from content that they deem not advertiser friendly. This company claims they have now removed 3 million ads from their platform. These ads were removed because they were showing up on “…inappropriate videos targeting families…”.

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Google’s Youtube claims that they are working on removing ads from an additional 500,000 thousand videos. Another way Youtube is trying to make their platform more family friendly is to block what they deem inappropriate comments on videos featuring children under 18.

In the past Youtube was removing these types of comments via human flagging and automation. Now Youtube claims that they will now disable all comments from these types of videos, where inappropriate comments referring to children under 18 are seen. Youtube created Youtube Kids as a way to perhaps funnel family friendly content.

Youtube now partners with alleged experts, whom have been helping them flag certain non family friendly content. Youtube is now going to allegedly double these so called “trusted flaggers”. I was not able to independently verify this but supposedly Youtube has removed 150,000 videos because of this so called not family friendly content.

Also, allegedly companies like Adidas, Hewlett Packard, and Mars decided to pause ads from displaying on Youtube because of this type of video content.