YouTube – Mobile Live Streaming Now Available

YouTube has now made mobile live streaming available. However, there is a catch. YouTube content creators with less than ten thousand subscribers will NOT be able to mobile live stream just yet.

For now, YouTube channels with ten thousand or more subscribers will be able to live stream via a YouTube mobile application. YouTube first supported live streaming on a computer back in two thousand eleven. YouTube claims that all YouTube content creators will be able to live stream with a mobile device eventually.

However, this company did not divulge details. In order to mobile live stream, you launch a YouTube mobile application and then click on “Capture”. You are now live streaming.

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These live streams will become archived just like live streams created with your desktop computer. You can list these videos as private and add them to playlists. Also, these videos are searchable and may show up as recommended videos.

You will be able to take or select a photo for you YouTube mobile live streaming thumbnail. Also, a live chat feature will work real time just like in desktop mode. Unfortunately, I do not have a YouTube channel with ten thousand or more subscribers yet to demonstrate for you.

YouTube mobile is supported on both Android devices and Apple iOS devices.